Preventive Dentistry in Dodge City, KS

How long has it been since your last dental cleaning? You can receive comfortable, comprehensive preventive care right here at Hrencher Dental! Dr. Austin Hrencher, your experienced dentist in Dodge City will perform a comprehensive dental exam at your initial dental visit.

man smiling after getting his teeth cleaned at Hrencher DentalWe offer the following services at all regular preventive dental exams:

Dental radiographs: X-rays provide our dentists with early detection of decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss that cannot be seen in a visual exam. X-rays also help determine tooth and root positions.
Tooth decay exam: In addition to your x-rays, all tooth surfaces will be checked for decay with special new state-of-the-art decay detection instruments.
Gum disease evaluation: Your dentist and hygienist will check the gums and bone around your teeth for any signs of periodontal disease.
Examination of existing restorations: We'll check current fillings, crowns, bridges and other dental restorations for fit, damage, or unusual wear.
Oral cancer screening: Your dentist will check your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any signs of oral cancer.

We also offer the following preventive services:

Preventive Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

Regular cleanings and checkups are a critical part of your dental hygiene and overall oral health care. With advanced dental x-rays and the latest diagnostic tools such as intra-oral cameras, we can provide you and your family with a complete dental care program in our comfortable, family-friendly office.

At every routine cleaning and strengthening mineral treatment, our dental team removes and prevents the buildup of tartar and plaque on the teeth. After each cleaning, our dentist will carefully polish the teeth. Our dentist recommends scheduling a routine dental check-up appointment and preventive exam at least twice a year to encourage your optimal oral health.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

At Hrencher Dental, we believe the best way to correct most dental concerns is with early, quality prevention. Our expert dental team works to ensure each patient receives the most thorough exam possible, always tailored to each individual's needs. We'll check for oral health concerns including tooth damage, decay, chipped or broken teeth, gum disease, oral cancer, TMJ, loose restorations, and more.

Nightguards For Bruxism

Do you grind your teeth (bruxism) while you sleep? It could lead to headaches, TMJ, and uneven tooth wear. To correct the problem and preserve your healthy smile, our team offers custom-crafted night guards for TMJ symptoms. Dr. Hrencher's special orthotics and advanced treatments have also helped correct ease headaches and prevent bite correction problems.

Desensitizing Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

closeup of a woman brushing her teethIf your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, and you avoid certain foods or drinks because of this, our team has a solution for you! After determining the cause of the sensitivity, our dentist will apply a special paste designed to relieve your symptoms, along with customized recommendations to help you keep the sensitivity at bay between your regular appointments!

Top Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Dodge City

No matter how long it's been since your last trip to the dentist, the preventive cleanings at Hrencher Dental are always delivered with your healthiest smile in mind!

Call today to schedule your dental cleaning or preventive care appointment.

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